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Parodies and other humor

I now have a course in assembly code programming available.

The Web of Trust Lies downrates www.flounder.com!


Added a humor section.


Increasing frustration with the quality of service of stargate.net has finally driven me away. I am now hosted by Nidhog (www.nidhog.com), who offer far more services at a lower price. In addition, they will host my complete domain, including Web hosting, as www.flounder.com. You will need to update your links as I am no longer under the www.pgh.net/~newcomer address.


The Joseph M. Newcomer Co. has incorporated as a Pennsylvania corporation as FlounderCraft, Ltd. This was necessary because more and more companies are unwilling to hire a consultant, but are willing to hire a corporation whose sole employee, sole officer, and sole stockholder are the same individual. Go figure.


I'm adjunct faculty at CMU in the Masters of Science in E-Commerce (MSEC) program. Check out the entire program at


or my faculty page at



I've upgraded my discussion of worker threads to include a new example of thread shutdown.

My HP16C calculator page now has a new HP16C simulator that runs on a Palm Pilot. This comes with complete Visual Basic source.


I haven't bothered to record the MVP Tips additions here; they continue on a fairly regular basis.

I have put up the executable of my HP16C calculator and one of these days I will get around to putting up the source code.

I now have permission from my editors at Addison Wesley Longman to put up the latest versions of the code for the Explorers of Win32 Programming. These can be accessed via my Downloads page. These are creeping in slowly as time permits. Full source is included.

I've been designated a Microsoft MVP for 2000-2001. I have been an MVP since 1995, so this is my sixth consecutive year as an MVP. I hang out in the microsoft.public.vc forums, most often the microsoft.public.vc.mfc forum.


More MVP Tips have been added.


I just delivered my first voice-output application, which uses the Microsoft text-to-speech engine to notify operators of significant conditions in multiserver monitoring system. The speech output is fully configurable by the end user.


I was sufficiently impressed with Bob Moore's MFC MVP page that I decided to add a similar page to my own site. I will attempt to not overlap any of his excellent suggestions; you can go read his if you want to see them. 

I've been designated a Microsoft MVP for 1999-2000. I have been an MVP since 1995, so this is my fifth consecutive year as an MVP. I hang out in the microsoft.public.vc forums.

I've also added a link to the errata site for Developing Windows NT Device Drivers.

I no longer teach for Technology Exchange Company; we came to a parting of ways over financial issues. However, we now offer our NT Driver course to anyone who wants it, so contact us (Dekker & Newcomer) if you want a custom driver course taught. I can also teach courses in VC++, MFC, and Win32 programming. Contact me for details.


The Annotated "It's a Long Way from Amphioxus" has been added. Enjoy.


Well, I finally found time to update the site. I have a new set of downloads for our book, Developing Windows NT Device Drivers, apologies for not having done this sooner, but life became a series of unending crises after the book went to press.

I've also added a few pages describing my $20 disk drive. Curious? Check it out!

Afraid that the Internet is depressing you? Find out what I think of the CMU study. Contains a hyperlink to the original study so you can read it for yourself, not as filtered through the popular media.

10 Oct 1998

Welcome to our new Web site. This is a production of FrontPage 98.

The Joseph M. Newcomer Co. is now an amazon.com Associate. You can link directly to amazon.com to order any of the books I've authored, as well as any other books you want.

This past week the last of the new Developing Windows NT Device Drivers book was uploaded to Addison Wesley Longman. It's been a long haul, but we're finally done! [Hah! We were proofreading well into December! Note to self: stop writing long books!] Look for it by the end of the year [Revision: it came out in March], or you can pre-order it from amazon.com. Check out the Books page.

Check the downloads page for new downloads, including the book examples, new Explorers to supplement those of Win32 Programming, and a new I/O Explorer for the driver book.

Our course on NT Device Drivers, taught through Technology Exchange Company, is now available. [Revision: As of September, 1999, this course is no longer taught through Technology Exchange. Contact the authors to see about having it taught at your site].


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