The Joseph M. Newcomer Co. was founded in 1972, and has been providing consulting and development services since that time. During that time I was a graduate student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I have since been a faculty member at CMU, a Senior Scientist at Tartan, a Senior Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at CMU, and a Research Scientist at the Information Technology Center at CMU. In the past I have held a part-time appointment as an Adjunct Senior Research Scientist with the School of Computer Science at CMU, and in 2001 I was adjunct faculty in the e-commerce program.

In February of 1987 I went full-time into the consulting business. Since then I have been providing consulting services for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 95/98. I write articles on Windows and on general software development, I’ve written books on software, most recently Developing Windows NT Device Drivers (Addison Wesley Longman, 1998) and Win32 Programming (Addison Wesley Longman, 1997), taught courses on Windows technology, and developed several Windows-based products.

In 2003, I became active as FlounderCraft, Ltd., a Pennsylvania corporation. I had an opportunity to take a contract with a company that was absolutely forbidden from hiring me. They could, however, hire a corporation (no matter that I was the sole officer, sole stockholder, and sole employee!) 

I seem to have specialized in Windows interfaces to embedded systems, but I’ve done many other applications.

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Background and Skills

I received my PhD in 1975 from Carnegie Mellon University in the area of compiler optimization, and before and after have been involved in a number of projects both directly related to my PhD research and completely different from that work.

I know C, C++, MFC, 80x86 assembler, 680x0 assembler, dBase and PostScript. I have been fluent in dozens of general-purpose and specialized languages, as far back as FORTRAN and COBOL, including languages such as LISP, APL, Awk, Visual Basic, SmallTalk, and many others (although I’m rusty on many of the older languages, not having used them in years, I was once the local site expert on most of them).

I’ve done graphics, operating systems, virtual memory systems, object-based file systems, networks, serial communications, I/O subsystems, device drivers, real-time systems, databases, document production systems, publication-from-database systems, compilers, assemblers, linkers, CASE tools, parser generators, CAD systems, computer music, voice- output-enabled process control systems, interactive languages, and language design.

I’ve also done other tasks as diverse as being a system administrator on a mainframe system and I designed and oversaw construction of a large mainframe computing facility. (It is worth noting that my printer currently has more computing power, more memory, and if I added the optional 2" inch 1.2GB disk, more disk space than that mainframe that supported 60 users in our company! My printer also cost somewhat less than one month’s electricity to run that mainframe and its associated air conditioning).


I have been involved in the development of distributed information technology, in particular, techniques for broadcast information distribution (rather than point-to-point technology). This has involved everything from the requirements and specifications of the overall system architecture to details of the message protocols, the design of a virtual machine architecture (predating Java by several years), and the design of hardware and software for message processing. I am co-author of three patents in this area:

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Even a subset of my publications is too lengthy to include on a single page. Click here to see some of my major publications. I have published in the areas of compiler technology, multimedia, graphics, and Windows programming, among the many areas I have covered.

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Computing Facility

My computing facility is quite powerful. The actual configuration changes from day to day, it seems, but at the moment it consists of at least:

I have a fairly large number of peripherals, including

Everything is completely networked using Windows networking.

With this facility I can handle nearly any problem you give me. Click here to see a subset of the equipment as it appeared several years ago.

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